Pancreatic carcinoma (PC) is a severe disease associated with high mortality. Although strategies for cancer therapy have made great progress, outcomes of pancreatic carcinoma patients remain extremely poor. Therefore, it is urgent to find novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets. To identify biomarkers for early diagnosis and therapy, three mRNA microarray datasets and two miRNA datasets were selected, and combinative analysis was performed by GEO2R. Functional and pathway enrichment analysis were performed using DAVID database. MiRTarBase, miRWalk and Diana Tools were used to get key genes. TCGA, HPA and western blotting were used to verify diagnostic and prognostic value of key genes. By integrating mRNA and miRNA expression profiles, we identified 114 differentially expressed genes and 114 differentially expressed miRNAs, respectively. Then, three overlapping key genes, RUNX2, LAMC2 and FBXO32, were found. Their protein levels in pancreatic tissue from PC patients and normal people were analyzed by immunohistochemical staining and western blotting. RUNX2 showed a potential property to identify PC. Aberrant over-expression of LAMC2 was associated with poor prognosis of PC patients, tumor status and subtypes. In summary, our current study identified that RUNX2 and LAMC2 may be promising targets for early diagnosis and therapy of PC patients.