This study aims to explore the clinical implications and potential mechanistic functions of CCR5 in triple negative breast cancer. Briefly, we demonstrated that CCR5 is overexpressed in TNBC and is associated with better prognosis of TNBC. CCR5 expression is positively correlated with tumor immune cell infiltration and tumor immune response related pathways. Multi-omics data analyses identified CCR5 associated genomic and proteomic changes. CCR5 overexpression was associated with better overall survival in TNBC patients with TP53 mutation. We also summarized the latest findings on ICB efficacy related genes and explored the association between CCR5 and those genes. These results indicated that CCR5 is a potential tumor suppressor gene and individualized therapeutic strategy could be established based on multi-omics background and expression pattern of ICB related genes. In conclusion, CCR5 is associated with better survival of TNBC patients with TP53 mutation, which may exert its roles through tumor immune environment.