Eukaryotic gene expression requires multiple cellular events, including transcription and RNA processing and transport. Sus1, a common subunit in both the Spt-Ada-Gcn5 acetyltransferase (SAGA) and transcription and export complex-2 (TREX-2) complexes, is a key factor in coupling transcription activation to mRNA nuclear export. Here, we report that the SAGA DUB module and TREX-2 distinctly regulate yeast replicative lifespan in a Sir2-dependent and -independent manner, respectively. The growth and lifespan impaired by SUS1 loss depend on TREX-2 but not on the SAGA DUB module. Notably, an increased dose of the mRNA export factors Mex67 and Dbp5 rescues the growth defect, shortened lifespan, and nuclear accumulation of poly(A)+ RNA in sus1Δ cells, suggesting that boosting the mRNA export process restores the mRNA transport defect and the growth and lifespan damage in sus1Δ cells. Moreover, Sus1 is required for the proper association of Mex67 and Dbp5 with the nuclear rim. Together, these data indicate that Sus1 links transcription and mRNA nuclear export to the lifespan control pathway, suggesting that prevention of an abnormal accumulation of nuclear RNA is necessary for maintenance of a normal lifespan.