This article has been corrected: The authors requested to add Acknowledgments and replace Reference #18. The authors declare that these corrections do not change the results or conclusions of this work.


Data were provided in part by OASIS-3: Principal Investigators: T. Benzinger, D. Marcus, J. Morris; NIH P50AG00561, P30NS09857781, P01AG026276, P01AG003991, R01AG043434, UL1TR000448, R01EB009352.

AV-45 doses were provided by Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly.


18. LaMontagne PJ, Benzinger TLS, Morris JC, Keefe S, Hornbeck R, Xiong C, Grant E, Hassenstab J, Moulder K, Vlassenko A, Raichle ME, Cruchaga C, Marcus D. OASIS-3: longitudinal neuroimaging, clinical, and cognitive dataset for normal aging and Alzheimer disease. medRxiv. 2019: 12:13.