Interviews with Outstanding Authors 2024

Longevity & Aging Series (S2, E1): Dr. Irina Conboy and Serafina Mei

Dr. Irina Conboy and Xiaoyue (Serafina) Mei from the Department of Bioengineering and QB3 at the University of California, Berkeley, discuss a priority research paper they co-authored that was published in Volume 15, Issue 17, of Aging (Aging-US), entitled, “Fail-tests of DNA methylation clocks, and development of a noise barometer for measuring epigenetic pressure of aging and disease.”


Mapping of Gene Network That Regulates Glycan Clock of Aging

Dr. Azra Frkatović-Hodžić from Genos Glycoscience Research Laboratory in Zagreb, Croatia, discusses a research paper she co-authored that was published by Aging (Aging-US) in Volume 15, Issue 24, entitled, “Mapping of the gene network that regulates glycan clock of ageing.”