As a well-established member of a strongly conserved protein family, DDX5 binds to RNA helicase in a specific manner, which can regulate mRNA transcription, protein translation and synthesis and precursor messenger RNA processing or alternative splicing. The effects of DDX5 on carcinogenesis and cancer progression are increasingly evident. Circular RNAs (circRNAs), a novel group of functionally non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) with disordered expression, are associated with various pathological processes (e.g., tumors). circRNA pattern and its function regulated by DDX5 have not yet been determined. According to our findings, DDX5 was dramatically upregulated for stomach cancer tissues, and its overexpression contributed to the cell growth and invasion of GC cells. Based on the analysis of genome-wide circRNAs conducted with circRNA sequencing, DDX5 induces a large number of circRNAs. Further to screen several circRNAs from PHF14 for function, it was found that circPHF14 was essential for the growth and tumorigenesis of DDX5-positive gastric cancer cells. These findings suggest that in addition to the messenger RNA and microRNA patterns, DDX5 also effects a circRNA pattern, as demonstrated by circPHF14. DDX5-induced circRNAs have been found to be of crucial importance for the growth of DDX5-positive gastric cancer cells, providing a new therapeutic target.