Skeletal muscle is capable of repairing itself after injury to maintain the stability of its own tissue, but this ability declines with aging. Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are involved in cell aging. However, there is little research into their role and underlying mechanisms, especially in skeletal muscle stem cells (SkMSCs). In this study, we assessed circRNA FUT10 expression in aged and adult SkMSCs. We observed that circRNA FUT10 was upregulated in aged SkMSCs compared with that in adult SkMSCs. Furthermore, we identified putative miR-365-3p binding sites on circRNA FUT10, suggesting that this circRNA sponges miR-365a-3p. We also found that HOXA9 is a downstream target of miR-365a-3p and confirmed that miR-365a-3p can bind to circRNA FUT10 and the 3′-untranslated region of HOXA9 mRNA. This finding indicated that miR-365a-3p might serve as a “bridge” between circRNA FUT10 and HOXA9. Finally, we found that the circRNA FUT10/miR365a-3p/HOXA9 axis is involved in SkMSC aging. Collectively, our results show that the circRNA FUT10/miR365a-3p/HOXA9 axis is a promising therapeutic target and are expected to facilitate the development of therapeutic strategies to improve the prognosis of degenerative muscle disease.